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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Fort Wayne, IN
Favourite genre of music: IDM, drums'n bass, classic jazz, lounge, tango, swing/electroswing

hey guys I like tea and traveling and I also like making things. lately I've been mainly doing 3D work.

haven't been very active on dA but my Tumblr is updated nearly daily so check that out if you're interested in more.

basically though, I just like to make stuff.


Making Void Key Hard Candy by Syncrasis
Making Void Key Hard Candy
Step 1 - High poly model in Zbrush
Step 2 - Shapeways 3D print (upper left) and many silicone molds (other plastic positives are tests)
Step 3 - Testing the molds (polyester resin)
Step 4 - Hard candy result. Cherry flavor shown. 
Lignus Kher by Syncrasis
Lignus Kher
Enemy Grineer boss fan concept for Warframe.

This character relies on heavy electricity generation and quick output for his weapons and fighting style. On his left arm is a "lightning cannon", which spins up when charging for a cannon discharge and twitches erratically when dispursing AoE electricity about a wide radius. On his right arm is a retractable rod charged with electricity for melee combat. 

The yellow box on his head is an energy scanner and they help him to hunt out cloaked enemies. I am also considering making the exhaust vents on the shoulder, which don’t make much sense as exhaust on an electric machine, into homing missile launchers based on lock-on with the orange searching beams. This would also give me that swarming weapon he needs to complete the “bug” theme. There’d be about a dozen small electrically charged missiles that attach themselves to a warframe and stun the character/knock them down with small to medium damage.

Personality-wise, he’s kind of twitchy like an insect. He’s missing half his brain, which has been augmented by machinery, and often has digital artifacts in his voice. Because he has no lower lip, he has trouble with certain sounds, like F and M, and has a slight tendency to spit.

He’s a bit over-zealous with this weapon because of his high energy levels (ha-ha), paranoia, and thinly-veiled fear of the Tenno, but he is a decorated Corpus killer. 


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